What we do......

We specialise in creating the highest quality fine art and photographic reproductions from original artwork using state of the art printing techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions


These are some of our frequently asked questions. If you do not find the answer to your particular query then please contact us.



Do you provide samples?

We are currently updating our sampling policy. Please contact us directly.

What format should I use to send my pictures?

Ideally "tiff" is the best as it is not a lossy format. The most common format is JPEG and these are OK but you must make sure you camera is set to the best quality setting. Also, always send us the original camera file where possible as even a few "tweaks" in Photoshop will start to lose the finer detail. If you want a cropped or resized picture then send us the original and an example of the results you want.

How do I send you my pictures?

We have three options here: By email with the file as an attachment. The problem with this method is that a lot of ISP's have a file limit of only 1 MB which is not much of a picture. Check your email rules before trying this method.. Send us a CD with your files on. You can find our address on the contact page. Note! Please keep a master copy of your pictures just in case they get lost in the post.


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"Superb Quality Photographic Reproduction."

"Ultimate Giclee quality at competitive prices."